Discount Tire Calculator : Compare and buy the best tires at the best price

Use the Discount Tire Calculator to calculate the saving on purchase of new tires and used tires online. A great tool for comparing tire prices, particularly discount tire prices on offer from different tire retailers.

Discount Tire Calculator

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About the discount Tire Calculator

Discount Tire Calculator. Getting a good price on new tires online and comparing tire discounts and savings is easy with the Discount Tire Calculator

Buying new and used tires can be a choir at the best of times. It is a costly business buying new tires for your vehicle but your can keep the cost of buying new tires to a minimum if you do your research, compare tire prices (at discount and full cost) and use the tires prices you find to negotiate with the tire seller. Negotiating the price of tires is a lot easier when you are purchasing several tires. It is really worth checking all the tires on your vehicle when one has become worn or damaged and requires replacing.

If a tire has worn with age, you will typically find that the other tires on your vehicle have also worn. car tires for example normally need replacing in pairs when they have worn with age, the two front tires tend to ware at the same rate and the two rear tires will also typically wear at the same rate. The exceptions to this rule is tire ware is caused by:

  • Offset loads: an example being a large truck that regularly carries heavy wait on one side, a window fitters truck for example
  • Wheel misalignment: If a wheel has become distorted or is not aligned correctly then the tire will ware unevenly. This is typically identified by excessive tire wear on the outer edge of the tire.
  • Poor driving technique: If you corner too quickly, accelerate fast and brake hard, you will ware your tires down far faster than you would if you drove carefully. Driving too close to the sidewalk can also result in picking up debris between the tire tread and or damaging the tire if the debris has sharp edges (like glass fragments, metal fragments, nails and screws etc.). Debris on roads often ends up close to the sidewalk or in the middle of the roads as the debris is flicked out by vehicles as they drive by.
  • Axel misalignment: Vehicle axels can distort when weight tolerances are exceeded, they can also wear and warp with time or in excesses of temperature or, more typically, due to all of the factors mentioned. Axel misaligned, like poorly aligned wheels, will result in excessive tire wear on the outer edges of the tire. You are also likely to notice more vibration through the steering columns and more noise from the vehicle.

How to use the Discount Tire Calculator to Compare Discount Tires

The Discount Tire Calculator is a useful tool for comparing the true savings when buying discount tires and useful for producing a list of different tires prices which you can use when you visit a tire seller as a means of negotiating the price. Not all tire sellers will negotiate on price but more now do as they understand that the competition from online tire sales means that they have to look after their customers.

Comparing tire prices and discounts is simple, just following the steps to comparing tire prices on the tire calculator.

  1. Enter the total number of tires you plan to buy.
  2. Enter the name of the tire / seller. This is useful as a reference as you can email the tire price comparison to yourself on completion for later use.
  3. Enter the price of the tire. The tire price can be at the discounted amount, or the amount before discount, the calculator can handle both tire price scenarios.
  4. Confirm whether the tire price entered is the discounted amount (Tire Sale Price) or the amount before discount (Tire Full Price).
  5. Enter the tire discount amount, this can be either a specific amount, say 10 dollars or a percentage, the calculator can handle both tire discount scenarios.
  6. Confirm whether the tire discount entered is a fixed price or percentage.
  7. Once Entered, click add discount tire and the discount tire calculator will provide a new calculation interface for the next discount tire details
  8. Repeat steps 2 to 7 as required for each discount tire you wish to compare
  9. You will notice that as you proceed, each discount tire will be automatically calculated and a comparison of the tire discount displayed in the table below the discount tire calculator.

Once you have completed your comparison, click on "Email Comparison" and enter the information, click send and the discount tire comparison will be sent directly to your chosen mailbox. You can then access and compare the tire discounts as and when you need.