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Giving a tip after a meal or special event is a nice thing to do but it can be awkward to calculate if there is a large group and you want to provide one tip and know how much you should all pay. The Tip Calculator works out the total amount each person should pay including the tip. This is a good calculator for ensuring that everyone pays the same, fair amount and provides visability of the total tip amount as a percentage of your bill.

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Tipping Calculations Made Easy With the Online Tip Calculator

Tip Calculator: This image shows a group of people manually calculating the cost of a tip and their meal to work out exactly how much they each need to pay equally for their meal when including a tip and/or service charge. Alternatively, they could use the tip formula included in the tip calculator which automatically calculates how much each person should pay for their meal including tips.

No matter how small or big, a tip given for a service goes a long way. Yes, we are talking about cash (in some cases given in kind) given as a gratitude of a reward for the services. In countries such as North America and many other European countries, tipping is not only a sign of respect, but it is a part of the culture.

Considering the appropriate amount of a tip is a tricky job, it is different in every industry and varies from culture to culture and country to country. To know a little bit more about it, let's take a look at the tipping etiquette in few countries.

Tipping Etiquette in Different Countries

A tip or gratuity is an extra sum of money paid to a service worker. Let's take a look at how tipping etiquette are different in various countries:

Tipping in the UK

Tipping in the UK is not a big part of the culture unlike North America. At high end hotels, tips are not expected for housekeeping or room service, however, it would not be inappropriate to tip the bag boys for each bag they carry. If you happen to visit a small restaurant in the UK, a service charge is generally included in the bill, but if you don't notice that, perhaps a tip of 10% of the total bill will be appreciated.

It is customary to round up a trip fare when paying the taxi drivers in the UK (leave £8 pounds for the cab fare of £7.40), whereas tour guides will expect a tip less than or equal to 10% of the total service fee.

Tipping in the United States

In the United states of America, waiters in hotels and restaurants are not paid very well and depend on the tip money. Tipping is widely expected and appreciated, in many cases it is even factored into a service worker's compensation to satisfy the minimum wage requirement. In the United States sometimes the service charge is applied to the total bill itself, so do check for that and don't pay an extra amount. In small restaurants and hotels a tip of around 20% is expected and given.

Tipping in Japan

Unlike many other countries, Tipping in Japan is not expected, moreover, it is taken as a disrespect if you try to tip the service providers. This is because as per Japanese culture, the service providers are paid well and it is expected that they give their best at work as a standard, so why should they be paid extra.

The sole occasion where tipping is appropriate is when you tip the tour guides. However, you should avoid tipping in cash. You may bring a gift or a souvenir from your home country, or if you must pay in cash, put it in an envelope and hand it over to the guide with both hands.

It may depend on your culture, people and place whether a tip is relevant or not. But, if you are out somewhere with a few of your friends, colleagues or any group, and want to tip someone for service, calculating the tip should not be a hassle to you. Considering this, iCalculator developed this Tip Calculator, which lets you compute the exact payments you may share with others for any amount of tip plus a shared amount for the food, product or service provided.

How to use the Tip Calculator

The percentage of the tip may be different, but the calculations are the same, let's take a look at the details that are required for the calculations:

  • Bill Amount: Enter the total bill amount (Expected or actual).
  • Tip Percentage: This is totally up to you to decide.
  • No. Of People: The number of people who have received the service.

Just by hitting the calculate button, the calculator will provide you with the following results:

  • Total tip: The total amount of tip that will be paid along with the bill.
  • Total amount: This is the bill amount plus the tip amount.
  • Tip-per person: You will know how much per person is paying for the tip.
  • Total per person: Finally, the total amount that each person has to pay.

The tip calculator is a simple tool that people like to use for various reasons, it saves manual calculations, gives accurate results, and does all that in a jiffy. So why try to do manual math calculations on your hands or guessing in your head when it can be done online in seconds; the calculator is free to use and available 24X7 at your fingertips.

In addition, the calculator gives you all the details of the calculations that you need. You will know exactly how much you are tipping and the exact amount that each member (if in a group) has to pay. You will have the total amount, including the tip that you are going to pay. This will be useful if the service provider offers to charge the tip amount together will the bill amount. The next time you want to pay a tip, you can use the calculator to work out the cost of the goods/service and tips in seconds instead of figuring it out in your head silently and hoping that you got it right.