Electrical Consumption Calculator

The Electrical Consumption Calculator calculates the amount of energy used on a list of appliances, and the cost of electricity used per appliance (if the price per kWh (kiloWatt-hours) is entered), additional information and tips on reducing your energy consumption are available below the calculator.

Electrical Consumption

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Use the Electrical Consumption Calculator to Know the Usage Cost of Your Electrical Appliances

Household Electrical ConsumptionCalculator. This image provides details of how to calculate your household energy consumption using a good calculator, a pen and paper. By using the electrical energy consumption formula, the Household Electrical Consumption Calculator provides a comparison of the energy used by each of your appliances in your houselh along with the total annua costs to help you reduce your energy bills.

It's nearly impossible for anyone to imagine a world without electricity today. It is one of the most important utilities in our everyday life so spending money on it is a necessity. That said, it is also important for you to save money on the usage of electrical appliances while not compromising on your daily needs. Are you pondering how to save on your monthly electricity expenses and reduce the cost of appliances you use on a daily basis? Here's a solution: Electrical consumption calculator.

What is the electrical consumption calculator?

The electrical consumption calculator by iCalculator has been created to simplify your calculations related to the usage cost incurred on various electrical appliances.

It covers a vast list of different appliances that you use in your household or at the place of business. Along with the list there is an approximate wattage listing, which helps you with the numbers that you put in the actual values. Below are the details which can be entered into the calculator:

Actual wattage

The Actual wattage can be easily found in the appliance itself. These details are generally posted at the bottom or back side of the products. If actual wattage is not found, you can enter Volts and AMPs on the respective columns. The calculator will calculate the wattage. It uses the simple formula (volts x APM) to calculate the wattage.

In case, it is difficult to find the actual wattage, you can opt to enter the approximate value written in front of the appliance in question.

Hours per day

The exact or an approximate value of hours that you use the appliance every day.

After entering the values in all the columns, the calculator will show you the daily and annual watts the appliance needs to run. It will also provide you the daily and annual cost in relation to the usage.

This calculator includes the following forumulas

Watts = Volts x Amps

1 kW = 1000 Watts

Benefits of using the calculator

  • Save time and money: The calculator is easy to use and gives you precise calculations that enable you to save time as you don't have to get into the detailed calculations. These calculations will then help you decide on cutbacks or changes to be made in order to save money.
  • Compare your own consumption: You can do a monthly or annual comparison of your own bills.
  • Compare with others: A comparison with the similar household or businesses can be made in order to manage your own consumption.
  • Making changes: The calculations can help you make significant changes in usage or replacing the appliances for better cost effectiveness.
  • Choice of tariffs: When you have the results from the calculator it will be easier to compare the tariffs offered by the service providers. You can choose the tariff that best suits your needs.
  • Keep a record: The calculator provides you with a print option or you can email the results. This can be kept for your records to be used in future for better management of electricity cost and consumption.

Our Need for Energy Efficiency

We keep hearing about making our workplaces or households energy efficient. The importance of saving electricity is not reserved to saving personal expenses only. This makes a big impact on our environment too. When we save energy, it reduces the need to burn fossil fuel thus decreasing the carbon waste. It can save us from:

  • Raising temperatures, heat waves, loss of rains resulting in drought.
  • Abnormal weather patterns.
  • Rising sea levels.
  • Smog and acid rains.
  • Melting glaciers.

In order to help the environment, we can opt for energy conservation in different ways, like,

  • Saving animals and ecosystem for balanced natural conditions.
  • Conserving natural resources that are already limited in numbers.

All we have to do is to do proper calculations for better understanding and opt for energy saving techniques.

Simple Ways to Save Energy and Save you Money

There are many ways we can save energy in our day to day life. Especially, if you run a business, the following ways will help you a lot in saving energy.

  • Switch to energy efficient devices: This can really help in cutting back on your electricity bills. For instance, a normal 40 watt bulb will consume the exact 40 watts of electricity. A CFL bulb on the other hand will consume only 11 watts to provide the same type of brightness.
  • Switch them off while not in use: Did you know, a computer left on screensaver mode uses the same amount of electricity as when in use? A business in general can save up to £1400 per year, just by turning the computers off when they are not in use.
  • Prepayment energy meter: Prepaying can help you keep track of your electricity consumption thus reducing wastage effectively.

In short, we can say that if you want to save money & help keep our planet livable for the generations to come, take a first step by calculating your electrical consumption and save on energy costs accordingly.