2024 Dividends Calculator

A dividend is a payment made by a company to its shareholders, the payment being a share of the company's profits.

Tax is paid on dividends, from the 6th of April 2016 the way UK Dividend tax is calculated changed.

Dividends Calculator
Dividend Amount The value of dividends received
Income Tax Band Either select the tax band from the drop down list or enter your income in the box below
Income Before Tax (Gross) Annual Gross Pay before deductions
Description Before 6/4/2016 from 6/4/2016 Comments
Dividend Tax Rate (%) 0% 8.75% Dividend tax rate based on your income band
Taxable Amount Taxable amount
From 6/4/2016 first £ 1,000.00 tax free.
Dividend Tax due Tax due based on the taxable amount and rate
Amount after tax deduction Nett amount after tax is deducted
Income Bands and Tax Rates
Income Band (Annual Income) Current Rate Rate from 6/4/2016 (first £ 1,000.00 tax free)
Basic Rate (up to £ 37,700.00) 0 % 8.75 %
Higher Rate (£ 37,700.00 up to £ 150,000.00) 25 % 33.75 %
Additional Rate (over £ 150,000.00) 30.56 % 39.35 %

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The annual gross amount of income determines the tax rate, see table above.

Note - the currency for the calculations is pounds sterling

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