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The Auto lease calculator allows you to calculate the total lease costs and associated values when leasing a vehicle from a car dealership. You can also find handy tips and information to help you get the best car lease deal and finances to suit your situation.

Auto Lease Calculator
Retail Price or MSRP ($):
Negotiated Selling Price ($):
Dealer Acquisition Fee ($):
Registration Fee ($):
Other Costs ($):
Trade-In Value ($):
Down Payment ($):
Other Reductions ($):
Lease Term (months):
Money Factor: or APR: %
Residual Factor (% of MSRP):
Sales Tax (%):
Auto Lease Calculator Results
Net Capitalized Cost:
Residual Value:
Total Lease Payment:
Total 36 Lease Payments:
Monthly Interest:
Monthly Depreciation Fee:
Monthly Lease Payment (Excl. Tax):
Monthly Sales Tax:
Monthly Lease Payment (Incl. Tax):

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Use Auto Lease Calculator to Compare Leasing & Buying Cars

Using an auto lease calculator can be of great value to you if you are planning to get a new or used automobile. There are various online tools available to help people find answers to their all the financial answers regarding an auto lease. The Auto lease calculator is one of them, with it you will be able to calculate monthly lease payments quickly. You will be able to determine the total cost of leasing an auto without having to engage in manual computations. This will also help you compare and understand whether leasing or buying the car will be better suited to your financial situation.

With the auto lease calculator you can understand where you stand financially by entering in some basic information into the calculator available online. The good news is that the internet has multiple choices when it comes to lease calculators. Various websites have online lease calculators though we believe our auto lease calculator offers a better in-depth analysis of the leasing part. If you follow a few simple steps and put in the requested information for the auto lease, in no time you will be able to see the variables associated with an auto lease.

How to get the best deal on your car lease and lower your monthly payments

Car leasing is a very popular option, bearing benefits for both the buyer as well as the seller. The car or auto lease calculators help in determining various important factors associated with leasing. These factors are

  • Monthly lease payment
  • Lease fee
  • Depreciation fee
  • Pre-tax monthly payment
  • Monthly sales tax payment

Car leasing basics

A Car lease is a contractual agreement, which allows you to use a vehicle for a fixed period of time. The terms are specified, which is completely different from purchasing a car. Leasing is a financing arrangement in which you make a down payment and the monthly payments. You maintain the car until the lease period gets over after which you will have to return the car.

Car leasing has become a very attractive option to the consumers as it is an affordable way of vehicle financing than purchasing it. One advantage, which you can enjoy with this newly found method of owning a car is that you can keep on trying out the latest models. If your budget permits, you can also opt for choosing luxury cars. Did you know that around 20% of the cars driven in the streets of the UK are leased cars?

The monthly payments for leasing cars are typically much lower compared to conventional auto loans. Thus, you should always sign a contract for a lease, wherein you should check the benefits, any possible complications, criteria for leasing, etc. There are online lease v/s buy car calculators for you to compare buying or leasing a car. Using a calculator makes your decisions easier and faster. It doesn't even require significant financial knowledge. You only need to know the fee and important values like registration fees, dealer acquisition fees, and the calculator will tell you everything you want to know in less than a second.

Benefits of car leasing

The present market conditions offer a plethora of benefits to leasing a car:

  • Low down payment: The greatest benefit which one can enjoy while leasing a car is that it does not require a huge down payment. The monthly payment is much less compared to purchasing a new vehicle. This strategy often helps the monthly budget as well.
  • Drive a better car: As leasing is all about low monthly payments, you will get a chance to buy a new or an expensive car for any given amount. The car lease calculator will help in calculating the monthly payment so that you can check if the choice is perfect for your budget.
  • Lower sales tax: When you opt for leasing instead of buying you enjoy various tax advantages too. When you purchase a new vehicle, sales tax is due immediately. When you lease, the sales tax is spread throughout the lease term. This is because the tax payments are calculated from the monthly payments as well as the capital cost reduction.
  • Getting new vehicles every time: When you buy a car, it is the same old car that you have to drive every day. When you lease one, you can change the vehicles at the end of every lease term.

Before making the final decision to lease a car, calculate and compare the cost of auto leasing using a quick and simple auto lease calculator online. Compare the interest rate involved in an auto lease with that of an auto loan and calculate the monthly payments. This will help you make the best financial choice.