VAT (Value Added Tax) Calculator

The VAT calculator enables you to enter a list of amounts and have the VAT calculated for each of the amounts and a grand total off all the VAT amounts is also calculated. This is a good VAT calculator for when you need to calculate multiple products or invoice for contract work and seperate the services / products seperately.

Multi Item VAT Calculator
Row Nett Amount VAT Rate (%) VAT Amount Total
Totals Total amount Total VAT Grand Total
Precision VAT Calculation
The number of decimal places is set at 2 by default (relevant for currency). This can be changed by selecting below

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How to calculate VAT

You can enter any combination of 2 figures to calculate the other 2 figures associated with the The VAT calculation. For example, you can find the non-vat cost of a product or service by entering the VAT rate and Total, the VAT calculator will automatically evaluate and calculate all associated amounts. This is also useful if you need to calculate the cost of a product before VAT is added.

The VAT calculator can also be used to see the effects of different VAT rates.

VAT Formula

The VAT calculator includes the following algorithms

VAT amount = nett amount x (VAT rate / 100)
Total = nett amount + VAT amount
VAT amount = total - nett amount
VAT rate = (VAT amount / nett amount) x 100
Nett amount = (100 / VAT rate) * VAT amount
Nett amount = total / (1 + (VAT rate / 100 ))
Nett amount = total - VAT amount