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We have grouped our suite of over 2000 free online finance calculators into the finance categories below where you can find everything from Depreciation Calculators, Absolute Change Calculator to Insolvency Calculator, we have finance calculators for all personal and business finance calculations and they are all free to use.

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Each finance calculator published on iCalculator is supported with relevant information on the topic with supporting guides and related tools linked under each calculator. Our aim is to provide you with a suite of online finance tools and finance guides that supports your effective financial planning, whether that be for your home finances or your business finances. You can access the finance calculators by:

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Introduction to Finance

Finance has always been there in one or another form in human history. Initially, it used to be as simple as a barter system which evolved to become the exchange of coins for all sorts of purchase and requirements until it reached the modern day's advanced financial systems, laws, regulations and practice. Finance is happening all around you.

Basically, you are referring to finance when you make use of money, whether to borrow, lend, or invest. The formal concept of finance as a part of economics came into existence in the 1940s and 50s, credit of which goes to some of the pristine economists such as Sharp, Treynor, Markowitz, Black, Tobin and Scholes. Modern day finance however is exceptionally vast and different as it covers various systems like loans, budgeting, tax, depreciation, etc. All of us have to deal with different branches of finance one or the other time based on the daily requirements, whether it is about buying a car or taking a retirement plan. If you are a curious mind who wants to learn about modern day finance, you must get to know the three core pillars:

  1. Public Finance
  2. Corporate Finance
  3. Personal Finance

We will look at the three core pillars of finance individually and provide supporting calculators, tools and more detailed sub guides and articles for each.

Public Finance

The concept of public finance is basically the study of money that is earned and spent by a government by collecting taxes, annual budgeting, and public spending for the services provided to the general public.

The government of a country mainly derives its income from the taxes that are charged to its citizens. There are many other ways that a federal government uses to earn funding for managing a country's finances, such as borrowing from banks, and other nations.

These funds are used to the public welfare in the form of starting and maintaining social programs among many other responsibilities towards the tax payers and this is what is expected from a good government.

Application of taxes differ from country to country, and they may be different if you are a salaried individual, an entrepreneur and corporations. The tax calculators available here will help you know your taxes with one click. All you have to do is choose your country and get all the required information and calculate your tax liability as per your income segment.

Tax Calculators

Corporate Finance

This is related to all the financial activities that are done when you are running a business; includes borrowing funds from banks as a company, getting vehicles or infrastructure financing, raising funds through issuing bonds or company stocks.

If you have a start up, you may get funding from "Angel Investors" but if you have a company that is already mature and thriving, you may decide to go public and open an IPO. Additionally, the finance department of a company also decides on the funding of different projects.

Most companies have a finance department to manage their finances. If you are a professional in the finance or just a regular small business owner, you must be well-versed in accounting and business calculations. That said it's not feasible for anyone to manage finance all by themselves, on a daily basis. So there are tools available online to make quick and precise decisions. An example of corporate finance calculators are:

Corporate Finance Categories:

Personal Finance

Personal finance management includes your future financial planning as an individual. When you take decisions regarding an insurance policy, borrow a mortgage or a personal loan from a bank, plan your retirement, maintain savings accounts, or do any personal investment, all these matters require quantified planning.

One of the most important things while planning your personal finances is to know the basics. You need not be a pro at personal finance calculations, just a clear goal makes for sound planning. For setting realistic and achievable goals you must use the financial calculators created especially for personal finance management. At iCalculator, we have made a vast array of online tools available for individuals who don't want to spend hours on manual calculations due to lack of time or interest.

Personal Finance Categories: